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Electric Vehicle Rate

On January 1, 2019, Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) will begin offering customers an opportunity to charge their all-electric vehicles (EV) using a separate meter provided by the Utility in Single Family Dwelling Units concurrently served under Schedule D Domestic Service.

Step 1: Application and Eligibility for Service

Customers must complete an application and attach the following:

  • Proof of ownership of all-electric vehicle(s). Choose one of the following acceptable documents:
    • Car Registration
    • Loan Documents
    • Sales Receipt
    • Insurance Card with Vehicle Make and Model
  • Proof of ownership of Level 2 (240v) car charger. Choose one of the following acceptable documents:
    • Paid in Full Receipt
    • Installation Receipt
    • Proof of Installation
  • Copy of latest RPU utility bill to verify that service location is not currently on a NEM (Solar) or D-TOU rate.
  • Signed EV Rate Application acknowledging rates, special conditions, installation fees, and terms of service View rate schedule for EV (Separately Metered) PDF

Applications should be e-mailed to EVRATE@riversideca.gov


Step 2: Meter Shop Pre-Inspection

After completion of the EV Rate Application, an RPU Meter Technician will be dispatched to perform a visual inspection of your electric service panel. The following conditions must be met to move forward with the Electric Vehicle Charger Meter Adapter:

  • Panel must have modern circuit breakers em-dash no push-matic style breakers or fuses
  • Panel must have all original covers including dead front cover on circuit breakers section
  • Panel must have main breaker
  • All breakers must operate properly em-dash will reset if turned off or “exercised”
  • Panel must be original without any modifications
  • All busing and conductors shall be free of arc marks and burned areas
  • Meter jaws must be in good repair and pass a jaw tension test
  • Panel cover shall have a meter ring and must accept a meter lock ring
  • Panel must be located where an 8” deep meter and adapter combination will not be an obstruction or hazard
  • Panel must be 200 Amp maximum

Upon successful completion of the electric service panel visual inspection, you will be provided with a completion certificate to take with you to the One Stop Shop to obtain your permit.


Step 3: Get a Permit and Pay Fees

After successful completion of the electric panel visual inspection, a customer will need to prepare their home for installation of the Generation Meter Adapter.

Customer must: