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RPU's Latest News

Clear the Air, Riverside!

Released 09/23/2021

The City of Riverside is committed to taking actions to help our city become clean, green, and more sustainable, and your widespread support and actions help make a difference.

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Be Aware of Flex Alerts This Summer

Released 06/17/2021

A Flex Alert is typically issued in the summer when extremely hot weather pushes up electricity demand. A Flex Alert is a call for consumers to voluntarily conserve electricity when there is a predicted shortage of energy supply, especially if the grid operator needs to dip into reserves to cover demand. When consumers reduce electricity use at critical times, it can prevent more dire emergency measures, including possible power outages.

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Clear The Clutter And Help The Environment - Go Paperless!

Released 05/10/2021

There’s an easy way for you to save time, paper, postage, and help reduce the environmental footprint in the City of Riverside – simply choose to Go Paperless with your Riverside Public Utilities bill. Get notified about your new bills via email and securely view/pay your bill anytime and anywhere.

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Mylar Balloons Cause Thousands of Outages Every Year

Released 05/4/2021

Mylar balloons are the metallic shiny, silver-like balloons which cause thousands of power outages each year when they float away and come into contact with power lines.

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Riverside Public Utilities Names New Board Chair, Welcomes New Members

Released 04/15/2021

Elizabeth Sanchez-Monville named Chairperson, four new members added

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City of Riverside Approves Plan to Help Businesses With Utility Costs

Released 01/20/2021

New program allows businesses hurt by COVID-19 to apply their deposits to their account balance

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Small Business Deposit Credit (SBDC)

Released 01/15/2021

The Small Business Deposit Credit Program is designed to assist and provide relief to the local small business community adversely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

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Understanding PFAS

Released 12/8/2020

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RPU Holiday Hours 2020

Released 11/19/2020

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Be Aware of Flex Alerts

Released 08/17/2020

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Downtown Customer Service Center: Adjusted Hours Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Released 06/11/2020

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Mylar Balloons Cause Thousands of Outages Every Year

Released 05/29/2020

Mylar balloons are the metallic shiny, silver-like balloons which cause thousands of power outages each year when they float away and come into contact with power lines.


City of Riverside Approves Utility Assistance for Low-Income Customers Facing Loss of Income Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Released 05/07/2020

COVID-19 Emergency Recovery Assistance Program approved by City Council May 5

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Residential electrical customers of Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) who meet specific criteria are eligible for a one-time bill credit of $250 after the City Council approved a new $5 million program on May 5.

The COVID-19 Emergency Recovery Assistance Program (ERAP) is designed to help RPU electric customers who have lost their jobs, been furloughed or are facing a reduction of their income due to reduced work hours due to the Stay at Home orders put in place to fight the pandemic. Electric customers that already were participating in the SHARE assistance program and lost their jobs or have had income reduced due to the emergency also qualify and are eligible to receive the ERAP bill credit.


COVID-19 & Our Water Supply

Released 3/18/2020

Amongst the growing concerns over COVID-19 Coronavirus, we want to reassure our customers that your tap water is safe and can continue to be used as usual for drinking and other purposes. Riverside Public Utilities water treatment and delivery systems are fully functioning to provide the most high-quality, safe and reliable drinking water to our customers. We perform more than 22,000 water quality tests from well to tap each year, ensuring our customers receive water that meets or surpasses all state and federal regulations for drinking water quality. COVID-19 Coronavirus has ¬not been detected in drinking water supplies and there is currently no evidence to support that it is transmitted through drinking water.


City of Riverside Takes Major Step Forward on Crucial Second Connection to Statewide Power Grid

Released 3/12/2020

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The City of Riverside took a major step forward today in a decades-long effort to reduce the possibility of a major power outage within the city when the California Public Utilities Commission approved an application from Southern California Edison (SCE) to construct a transmission line that would provide Riverside with a second connection to the statewide power grid.


City of Riverside Approves Groundbreaking Renewable Energy Partnership With Camino Solar LLC

Released 12/19/2019

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The City of Riverside, a recognized national leader in solar energy, has forged a groundbreaking, 15-year partnership with Camino Solar, LLC to provide renewable, sustainable, storable, affordable energy from a 44 MW photovoltaic facility and an 11MW battery energy storage system.


Riverside Public Utilities Honors Winners of Art Contest/Scholarship Program

Released 10/29/2019

Winners are students at Woodcrest Christian High School

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) honored multiple students from Woodcrest Christian High School on Monday (10/28) evening as winners of the Annual Bottled Water Label Art Contest, and also recognized their teacher.


RPU Assistant General Manager Daniel Garcia selected to participate in Executive Leadership opportunity with National Renewable Energy Lab

Released 06/12/2019

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has selected 21 leaders to participate in its 2019 Executive Energy Leadership program (Energy Execs), which provides non-technical business, governmental, and community leaders an opportunity to learn about advanced energy technologies, analytical tools, and financing to guide their organizations and communities in energy-related decisions and planning.



Inside Riverside Public Utilities’ School Education Program

Released 02/13/2019

Since 2001, Riverside Public Utilities’ School Education Program has provided a unique, hands-on experience for children in the elementary grades. The program serves more than 45 public elementary schools and 30 private schools in Riverside’s service area. The state mandated charges collected on your utility bill pay for the programs designed to align with next generation state curriculum standards, while promoting both energy and water conservation and the science behind it.


Tune-Up Now Save Later | Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Released 01/24/2019

Now is the time for Riverside Public Utilities’ customers to tune-up their HVAC system!


Todd Corbin Named General Manager of Riverside Public Utilities

Released 11/13/2018

Inland utilities veteran brings 26 years of experience to new job


Riverside Public Utilities Honors Winners of Annual Bottled Water Label Art Contest and Scholarship Program

Released 10/24/2018

Winners are students at Norte Vista and Woodcrest Christian high schools


Riverside Public Utilities Facilitates Summer STEM PULL Academy for Local High School Students

Released 7/31/2018

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A group of 70 Riverside high school students recently participated in several days of intensive, hands-on training with the Riverside Public Utilities Department to learn about potential careers in the utilities industry.


Riverside Public Utilities Shuts Down Oldest Substation Dating to 1949

Released 7/9/2018

President Harry S. Truman was finishing his first term when Magnolia Substation came to life


Riverside Public Utilities Supports Community With Energy Efficiency Programs

Released 6/25/2018

Programs can help residents and businesses save hundreds of dollars each year.


City of Riverside to Examine Future of Agricultural Water Rates

Released 4/2/2018

Board of Public Utilities names task force; 15 months of meeting scheduled to start April 26


Riverside’s Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative Continues to Make Progress

Released 3/9/2018

Riverside, Calif. – Electric vehicle owners have another reason to charge up while visiting downtown Riverside.


Riverside Public Utilities Warns Against Fraudulent Calls to Customers

Released 1/12/2018

Riverside, Calif. – Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) is urging customers to avoid contact with consumer scammers who give the impression they are calling from a city phone number, then claim the customer has a faulty meter and demand payment for repairs via a toll-free number.



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