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Construction standards, building permits and more.

General Information

Find meter spots info, get access to Riverside building permits, and more.

Meter Spots

Meter spotting is for contractors/homeowners planning install a new service panel. A meter spot will verify the correct placement of a new electric service panel. Safety or code regulations may require the new panel to be placed in a different location. Obtaining a meter spot prior to installing the panel ensures the installer will not have to redo the job.

Standard Fees

Temporary Power
  • Overhead: $370.00
  • Underground: $940.00
  • Disconnect: $200.00
  • Reconnect: $200.00
  • Midspan: $450.00
* Please note: Design fees are based on the actual design of the project.
* Please contact (951) 826-5800 for more information.

Temporary Power

  • Overhead: 370 amps
  • Underground: 940 amps
  • Up to: 200 amps
* For anything above 200 amps, fees will be based on cost to serve.



Building Permits

Link out to a Riverside City page with access to all the Riverside building permits you’ll need.

Application for Electric Design Service

See the application for starting services in electric design.

Interconnection Guide

Read about the standards for interconnected non-utility-owned electric generation.