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Meet the executive managers of Riverside Public Utilities.



Todd Jorgenson

Todd Jorgenson

Interim General Manager


Todd Jorgenson has served as the Assistant General Manager - Water for Riverside Public Utilities since October 2015. Currently, he holds the position of Interim General Manager. Jorgenson has been with RPU since July 2004, and has served in a variety of roles for the utility including: Senior Engineer, Principal Engineer, Water Operations Manager, and Water Engineering Manager.

Prior to joining RPU, Jorgenson held engineering positions at the Coachella Valley Water District and at Kleinfelder, Inc., in San Diego, CA. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University and a Master of Business Administration degree from California State University San Bernardino.

Todd is involved with several professional organizations and is currently on the governing board of the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association. He is also a California Professional Engineer and holds Level 2 certification in Water Distribution and Water Treatment from the California Department of Public Health.

Todd has provided leadership and guidance to promote forward thinking initiatives such as the water system automation project, the operational database management system and the water energy management master plan.


Laura Chavez-Nomura

Laura Chavez-Nomura

Assistant General Manager | Finance & Administration


Laura Chavez-Nomura is the Assistant General Manager, Finance/Administration for Riverside Public Utilities. Her areas of responsibility currently include overseeing all utility financial-related activities, including operating and capital budgets, accounting and financial reporting, financial forecasting, bond issuances, internal and external audits, rate administration and rate structuring, and utility billing.

Chavez-Nomura started her public service career in 1998 when she joined RPU as a Principal Analyst for finance and rates. Before serving in her current role, Chavez-Nomura also served as Finance Director for the California cities of Hemet and Irwindale and also served as the Controller for the City of Riverside.

Prior to joining public service, Chavez-Nomura worked as an audit manager for McGladrey & Pullen, LLP, a national accounting and management consulting firm that operates through 90 locations in the United States. Her primary focus was local government: cities, special districts and joint powers agencies.

Chavez-Nomura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from California State University, Fullerton, and is a Certified Public Accountant. Chavez-Nomura serves on various committees of the Southern California Public Power Authority, the Intermountain Power Project, and San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

She is member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, California Society of Certified Public Accountants, Government Finance Officers Association, and is the current President of the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers Association.


Daniel E. Garcia

Daniel E. Garcia

Assistant General Manager | Resources


Daniel E. Garcia is the Assistant General Manager, Resources for Riverside Public Utilities. His areas of responsibility currently include resource planning, strategic analytics, market operations, power generation, contracts (energy, gas and transmission), joint projects, and regulatory compliance relating to wholesale energy and transmission activities under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, California Independent System Operator, California Energy Commission and North American Electric Reliability Corporation.


George Hanson

George Hanson

Assistant General Manager | Energy Delivery


George Hanson was appointed the Assistant General Manager – Energy Delivery for Riverside effective January 1, 2017. Hanson has been with RPU since June 2010, and has served in a variety of roles for the utility including Engineering Manager and Electric Field Manager.

Prior to joining RPU, Hanson was the Electric Utility Manager for the City of Moreno Valley from 2007 until 2010. Hanson started his municipal career at the City of Corona, when he served as Assistant General Manager. Prior to that, Hanson worked nearly 10 years at Southern California Edison. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree from University of California Irvine and a Master of Science Degree from California State University Long Beach in Civil Engineering.

George is involved in several professional organizations and is currently a member of the Board of Directors for California Utilities Emergency Association. George is a registered Professional Engineer in California.

George has provided leadership and guidance helping RPU with multiple energy delivery related projects such as the Subtransmission Project, Casa Blanca Substation, and Riverside Transmission Reliability Project.


Michael Plinski

Michael Plinski

Interim Assistant General Manager | Water


Michael Plinski joined Riverside Pubic Utilities in 2011. He has held several key roles within the department including Senior Water Engineer, Principal Water Engineer, and Interim Engineering Manager. Since January 2018, he has served as the Interim Assistant General Manager – Water.

Prior to joining RPU, Plinski spent twelve years working in private consulting focusing mainly on environmental and civil engineering projects. He is a Professional Civil Engineer and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Humboldt State University.

Plinski has many notable career highlights. During his tenure with RPU, he participated in the development of a 10-year proforma for the water utility called Utility 2.0. He managed the drought response and reporting to the State of California for the Utility and continues to work to promote conservation to curtail future demand. Additionally, Plinski and his team are developing future water supply projects for the City of Riverside to support growth within the City. He also leads the Planning group, which prepares planning reports to expand and improve the water system and/or replace aging infrastructure such as water wells, transmission and distribution pipelines, booster stations, and PRVs. Plinski developed and implemented a storm water monitoring program and played an important role to expand the Utility’s recycled water system. Plinski was the lead negotiator on the Wheeling and Surplus Sales Water Sales agreement with Western Municipal Water District, which is estimated to generate $100 million dollars for the Utility over the next 20 years.

He currently holds the position of Chair of the Engineering Subcommittee Committee of the Basin Technical Advisory Committee for the Bunker Hill Basin in San Bernardino and is a member of the Association of California Water Agencies and National Groundwater Association.