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About RPU

Customer-owned since 1895.

Education Programs

If your classroom is in our utilities service area, we'd love to bring our free, standards-based, mobile science lab to your students. Teachers can e-mail us to request a presentation.



USGS Website

Visit the USGS website for interesting science-related materials!

Snap-circuit Guides

Snap-circuit projects are a fun way to learn electric basics.

PDF Resources

Print resources to follow along with our science labs.

Download the following PDFs to follow along with our science labs:

Reserve Your Visit

Check our calendar below to find available dates to reserve your visit. You can also e-mail us to make an appointment and reserve a presentation (and mobile science lab) date at any time.


We tailor each visit to the individual needs of each classroom but our usual program involves an introductory 30-minute presentation that covers basic concepts of electricity (4th grade) or water: source to tap (5th grade). Then with the assistance of the classroom teacher students participate in an engaging 60-minute, hands on science lab, pre-selected by the teacher. All science labs are designed to reinforce concepts of the lesson, encourage science and engineering literacy, and develop student’s observation experimentation skills. At the end of our presentation we will leave our science loan kit for your students to use and explore for two weeks.